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Richard de Nooy

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Things I won’t be doing in Delhi

My wife took off to Delhi today. I didn’t. But there’s no need to feel sorry for me, because I get to play one of my favourite games, which is to come up with all the things I won’t be doing in Delhi in the next three days. I usually play this game all on my own, tucked up in my tiny tortoise shell of an office, consulting the Great Oracle by typing in search terms, letter by letter, with my forehead. But please feel free to help by poking out my eyes with exotic suggestions and links to fabulous photos of your personal Delhi delights.

Before we get the game started, I need to answer a question that has been on my mind for some time: what’s so New about Delhi?

The answer is actually quite simple. The city of Delhi was rebuilt and extended many times over the centuries and now consists of nine districts that together form Delhi Union Territory. One of these districts is called New Delhi. This is the official capital and centre of government of India. But it isn’t really new anymore, because New Delhi was inaugurated in 1931, which is quite a long time ago. But in those days it was newer than the Old City, which is why it was called New Delhi.

Got it? Good. Then we can move on to all the things I won’t be seeing in Delhi in the coming three days.

I was very, very thrilled to read on Wikipedia that National Geographic Traveler magazine describes Delhi as “one of the Ultimate Cities of a Lifetime to visit and explore.” And of course I clicked on the link, because my Dad used to subscribe to National Geographic and I knew there would be outrageously beautiful photos of all the things I would not be visiting and exploring.

And I was right. There was even a button marked ‘Must-dos’, which is a boon to lazy bloggers like myself, who love to copy, paste and lightly rewrite information diligently gathered by others. But fear not, dear reader, for I have asked my friend Helen Moffett, Delhi buff and co-author of several books on India’s favourite pastime, cricket, to select and wax lyrical about her five favourite attractions. And, as a bonus, I’ll give a brief description of what I won’t be doing there. Here goes:

[See Helen's selected Delhi delights and wonderful photos on]


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