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Richard de Nooy

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

Let Me Tell You

Let me tell you about the night
its infinite depth beyond
the last streetlight
its slow breath
and the silence

Let me tell you about my coat
that hangs about my shoulders
like a pleasant memory that
changes shape over time
but retains its warmth

Let me tell you about the men who park
their sleek cars on corners
their intricate handshakes
disguising simple thoughts

Let me tell you about the girl
in a sequin-skull jacket
and bright silver moonboots,
Where does she find love?
Does she think like I do
That hail is ambitious rain?

Let met tell you about the scent
of deep-fried dreams and pizza
that weaves through the rain
to embrace the smoking scooter sharks

Let me tell you about the night shop
with its has a handwritten sign
for tourists that reads:
“Beware – The door hangs”
There is no one inside

Let me tell you about the spaceship
that was stranded, round and bright
at the edge of the pond, disguised
as a Lebanese Restaurant

Let me tell you about the trees
that raise their bare arms in the night
spreading their fingers
to capture thoughts like birds

Let me tell you about the light
that bleeds from tight geometry
to warm the night

Let me tell you about the moon that lost its way
condemned forever to stalk the earth in shadow

Let me hunger for more, ever more
let me thirst for the dull light
that shines from the grey
stone and the tarmac

Let me feel the cold air
slide its hand in my coat
my skin rising to its touch
my flesh shivering in welcome

Let me tell you about the blind dawn
reaching out silently
as it picks its way cautiously
to avoid waking the night.


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