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Richard de Nooy

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

How It Works – A Rant Recited

How it works is that we all pretend
we’re doing the right thing just
long enough to make our escape
and leave others to scrape
the blood and mud off floors
and faces while we drink our tea
and nurse our scars and memories
nodding our assent and patting
each other on the back for a job
well done. Please, for fuck’s sake
don’t rock the boat and remind us
that we all live lives of privilege
that we can buy that ticket that
we can catch that plane or train
or drive our car out of the valley
of the shadow of death.
There are no heroes really
There are only those too slow
to flee or too lazy to run
who are left to scrape
The blood and mud
off floors and faces
because that is
how it works.

I’d be very happy if
you proved me wrong.

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