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Richard de Nooy

@ Sunday Times Books LIVE

#UnhappilyEverAfter The Municipality of Hamelin v. Peter “The Pied Piper” Picklethwaite

pied piper “You are charged with the abduction and murder of 36 children. Is that correct?”

“I’m innocent. They followed me. And I was unaware they couldn’t swim.”

“Are you a full-time piper?”

“Well, I don’t pipe constantly. There’s a lot of travel between venues.”

“Are you licensed to pipe?”

“I have a full busking permit, which allows me to play any instrument, including the lyre and pianoforte, in a public place.”

“Could you estimate your gross annual income from piping?”

“A couple of crowns a day.”

“And from the purveyance of pies?”


“Your nickname, the Pied Piper, clearly suggests that you partake in the purveyance of pastry of one sort or another.”

“It’s actually a reference to my outfit.”

“Your pie purveyance outfit?”

“There are twenty-two colours in my jerkin, and seven in my hose. Twenty-two over seven equals pi.”

“Moving swiftly on: what is your annual income from the installation of said piping?”


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